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The Citizens’ Advisory Committee consists of over 100 community members including parents, tax payers, business leaders, and elected officials.

The goal of the Citizens Advisory Committee is to involve members of the Alvin Independent School District community in evaluating and identifying the possible need for renovated and/or new facilities to support growth, and quality educational and instructional programs.

Purpose of the Citizens Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Citizens Advisory Committee is to provide facility recommendations to the Board of Trustees after having studied current facilities, educational and student programs, and information associated with student population growth in the school district.

Charges to the Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee represents the communities and stakeholders of Alvin ISD and will provide meaningful information to the school district by developing recommendations that:

  • Consider the educational needs of all students

  • Provide an adequate and appropriate learning environment

  • Are fiscally sound

  • Reflect community values and perceptions of need

  • Include recommended solutions for aging facilities and program growth

  • Include recommended solutions for new facilities needed to accommodate student enrollment growth

  • Are based on current, relevant data and best practices

  • Adhere to law and policy

  • To the extent possible, provide the school district with recommendations that include information regarding the priority of each project

Parameters for the Citizens Advisory Committee

  • The Citizens Advisory Committee will be comprised of individuals representing the Alvin ISD community including parents, community members, and business leaders

  • Alvin ISD staff members will serve in an advisory capacity

  • The committee will discuss funding options for recommendations that call for renovating existing facilities and/or building new facilities

  • The CAC recommendations should address immediate and five-year facility needs of the school district.

  • The CAC should evaluate and prioritize needs based on the established goal, charges, and parameters.

  • The Citizens Advisory Committee will have access to Alvin ISD data and resources in order to develop appropriate facility recommendations.

  • The CAC recognizes that their role is to provide recommendations to the Alvin ISD Board of Trustees and that the Board has the responsibility to make final determinations regarding projects, funding, and will determine the structure and content of any potential bond.

  • The Citizens Advisory Committee agrees to communicate progress and submit information requests to the school district in a timely fashion and provide regular updates to Alvin ISD.

  • The CAC will submit recommendations to Alvin ISD and the Board of Trustees within the designated timeline.

Meeting Dates

Meeting Times

February 12, 2024

6:30 pm

March 25, 2024

6:30 pm

April 8, 2024

6:30 pm

April 29, 2024

6:30 pm

May 6, 2024

6:30 pm

All meetings are at the Alvin ISD Heritage Complex - Liberty Alumni Hall, 10855 Iowa Colony Blvd. | Iowa Colony, TX

Meetings are open to the public.