Mav Media

Contact Bryce Wyatt for all Information regarding Mav Media. Room A242

The following is the suggested pathway for A/V Production.

If you have no experience, it is highly suggested you start with Principles. Principles is not mandatory.

If you have some experience shooting or editing, you can probably start with Audio/Video Production. Just know projects and instruction move faster than Principles.


1st year: Principles of Art, Communication and AV Production (Full year, 1 period class)

2nd year: Audio/Video Production (Full year, 1 period class)

3rd Year: Advanced Audio/Video Production (MavTV is produced here, Full year 2 period class)

4th Year: Practicum in Audio/Video (MavTV is produced here, Full year, 2 period class)


We also create and produce short films and commercials that go to competitions or are in support Alvin ISD. We support events like graduation, sports seasons, banquets, concerts, and plays. Through the 1st and 2nd level courses the students learn how to write, film, edit, and produce all different types of videos and films. They also learn how to adjust audio and create sound and special effects through the software that we have.