Foreign Language Department

Welcome! -  ¡Bienvenido/a!  -  Bienvenue! to the Manvel High School Department of Languages Other Than English  

“To have another  language is to posses a second soul”



The department of Languages other than English (LOTE) at Manvel High School is committed to opening doors to the world through languages and cultures.  Beyond offering students the opportunity to fulfill their basic foreign language requirement for the State of Texas, we offer students the opportunity to further pursue their language interests and education in depth through Pre-AP, AP and Dual Credit options up to levels IV.


Manvel High School‘s Spanish and French teachers come from and have studied a wide variety of world cultures.  This gives students the closest thing to a first-hand experience of foreign culture.  Our world-traveled staff includes Mexican and American heritage teachers who have lived and/or studied in Spanish-speaking and Francophone countries.


We look forward to sharing our love of cultures and language expertise with students and giving them the keys to personal, business and cultural experiences.