Campus Grants

2024-2025 Campus Grant Application Guidelines

March 28, 2024 - Grant applications available via this link - Click on Apply, then click on "Sign In With Your Institution" to log in with your Alvin ISD Google account.

April 12, 2024 by 4 p.m. – Completed applications must be submitted online.  No late applications will be accepted.

If awarded, an Evaluation of the grant will be due on May 1, 2025. Details will be provided after grants are awarded. (If applying for a continuation of a grant, an Evaluation must be included with your application)

2024-2025 Grant Application Information

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Alvin ISD Education Foundation

  • Application must be submitted online.

  • Proof your application for spelling, grammar and punctuation. Use complete sentences. Thoroughness and correctness reflect how well planned the project is.

  • The purpose of the application is to sell your ideas. Be sure there is no doubt what the purpose of the plan is, how it will benefit students and how it will be implemented and evaluated.

  • Be realistic. Make sure what you are asking for can be achieved.

  • Grant does not have to be STAAR or curriculum related it can be for fun!

  • Clearly state the number of students/teachers impacted by this grant.

  • Do not refer to your campus name in the body of the grant. Please indicate if the campus is Elementary or Secondary.

  • Avoid the use of acronyms. Several members of the grant committee are not educators, and are not familiar with education terms.

  • Be specific with your price list. Attach an itemized price list. Double check all calculations!  (It is okay if later you find the items at a better price and choose another vendor. Vendors do not need to be from the District’s Approved Vendor List)

  • Itemize and total the amount being requested.

  • You may apply for continuation of grant funds for one year.

  • You may submit only one grant application per campus.

  • State how implementation of this grant will benefit the majority of your school.

  • Submit your completed application ONLINE by 4 P.M. on April 12, 2024.