• May 20, 2018 • 4:50 pm


    Alvin ISD Community,


    Please receive this update as an affirmation that Alvin ISD continues to prioritize the safety and security of our students, staff, and campuses.


    In light of the tragedy that impacted our neighboring community, Alvin ISD and the Alvin ISD Police Department have continued to work with local municipalities and their police departments. As students return to school on Monday, you will notice an increased police presence throughout the district that will include officers from the various municipalities served by Alvin ISD. These measures are precautionary and it is important to note that they are not the result of any type of credible threat. The district will continue to take precautionary measures to ensure the highest levels of security for our students.


    It is also important to note that a social media post, originally shared on Friday, has been investigated by the Alvin ISD Police Department in conjunction with other local authorities and has proven to be false. The post indicated, “There were two shooters. Supposedly one shooter got away…” The post also indicated the other individual was headed to Alvin. This post has been thoroughly investigated and, again, the contents of the post have been verified as inaccurate.


    Throughout the weekend, Alvin ISD’s leadership team, in conjunction with law enforcement authorities, have continued to review and affirm our procedures while ensuring they are being implemented to the fullest fidelity. Additional measures have also been implemented to ensure our students remain safe. Although the district continues to keep confidential the full extent our safety measures, it is important to know that the district partners with a third party security firm to, not only, conduct inspections of our process, but also to conduct non announce audits of the actual procedures occurring throughout the district. Although the inspections have affirmed many measures taken by the district, updates and modifications are continually implemented based on feedback from various authorities.


    As we continue to focus on these areas, we ask for your continued partnership. Please continue to speak with your children in the manner that you find is most appropriate. If they are showing signs of distress, please feel encouraged to reach out to members of the counseling team at your child’s campus. Members of the Crisis Response Team are willing and able to partner with you during these difficult times.


    We also ask that you speak with your children about the importance of what they say to one another or what they post on social media. Adolescents have a tendency to make comments, or handle stress, by making inappropriate “jokes”; however, Alvin ISD must take these matters seriously and often the consequences are significant.


    Finally, if you or your children have a concern about safety, we ask that you notify someone immediately. The Alvin ISD Police Department Dispatch is always available by calling 281-331-2320 or please feel welcome to contact either your child’s campus administration or Alvin ISD administration. We make the commitment that we will fully investigate all reports or “rumors” to determine if a safety concern does exist.


    Again, please know that safety and security will remain our most critical area of focus. Additionally, Alvin ISD will remain committed to keeping families informed of matters involving the safety and security of our campuses.


    Thank you for your continued partnership,
    Buck Gilcrease

    May 18, 2018 • 5:37 pm


    Alvin ISD,

    On this particular Friday afternoon, I write to you not as a superintendent, but more so as a father and a parent. The events that have unfolded in our broader community are extremely challenging for each of us to process, much less understand, and they are even more difficult for our children.

    The senseless and unthinkable act that took place just a few miles from our district has forever changed the landscape of our broader community. As parents, events such as these have, unfortunately, confronted us previously and we have prayed for the peace and comfort of communities across our state or nation. Today’s events have personally impacted those that many of us know and love. As we struggle with what has unfolded, our children will be confronted with the realities of something so terrible happening in a community just a few miles from their homes and schools. In the wake of such tragedy, I pray that we grow together as we support, not only our children, but as we support each other.

    As our children process these difficult events, please know that we are here to offer assistance as you find most appropriate. Members of our trained counseling and crisis response team were available at our campuses today to speak with students. They will again be ready to support students as they return to campus next week. Please reach out to the counseling team at your child’s campus if you feel additional support would benefit your child.

    Alvin ISD will continue to focus on the physical safety and security of our students and campuses. An increased police presence, consisting of Alvin ISD Officers, along with support of our local municipalities will be provided throughout the district.

    In a correspondence shared weeks ago, a number of our safety efforts were outlined. Please understand that, for safety reasons, the district is not able to speak to the full extent of our safety precautions.

    1. The Alvin ISD Police Department maintains a high level of visibility and works to remain proactive and fully investigates all matters of concern.
    2. Alvin ISD maintains plans and processes regarding campus safety and crisis response. The plans are constantly under review to incorporate best practices and insight provided by law enforcement authorities.
    3. Alvin ISD commissions a campus safety audit conducted by an outside organization. Improvements are made based an insight provided by the audit.
    4. Alvin ISD has various opportunities to illicit information and reports from parents, students, and staff members. These resources include “Let’s Talk”, the tip line on the mobile Alvin ISD app, “campus crime stopper" programs, as well as phone calls and emails to district officials. These matters that are reported are investigated fully.
    5. Over recent years, Alvin ISD has invested heavily in multiple campus security measures including secured entrances (security vestibules) at every Alvin ISD campus.
    Since the time when the previous e-mail was shared with each of you, our team has continued to work with various authorities, reviewed our process and refined our practices to ensure our students are provided the highest levels of safety and security in our schools. We assure you that we will be resolute in this commitment.


    We ask for your continued partnership in a number of critical areas. Please reach out to us if you have a concern regarding safety or security. Alvin ISD will investigate each report to determine if there should be a level of concern. Please reach out by contacting campus or district administration or by calling the Alvin ISD Police Department at 281-331-2320.


    We also ask that you continue to speak with your children about the significance of not making inappropriate remarks regarding tragedies such as what was experienced today. Alvin ISD and the Alvin ISD Police Department will take these statements seriously, and the response, along with the consequences, are often significant.


    As this day draws to an end, please hug your family, and pray for the comfort of our friends and neighbors in Santa Fe ISD. Alvin ISD has reached out to offer our assistance to their district, and their students and families. We will let you know if there is a way we can collectively serve their community during this difficult time.

    Buck Gilcrease
    Alvin ISD