• 2.16.18 • 3:00 pm


    The safety and security of our students and staff remains our most significant priority.  Please be assured that we will remain steadfast in this commitment and we will continue to respond immediately and thoroughly any time we identify, or receive, reports of a concerning nature.


    Yesterday afternoon, a few students at Shadow Creek High School were engaged in an argument and one of the students made a threatening statement to the other classmates.  This matter was quickly identified and both campus administration and the Alvin ISD Police Department responded immediately.  The student has been removed from the campus and is now facing significant legal charges. 


    As Dr. Gilcrease, Alvin ISD superintendent, shared in his message to the community yesterday afternoon, “Alvin ISD will continue to revisit our safety processes and we affirm our commitment to providing every student with a safe and secure learning environment.” 


    As we continue to focus on this area, we ask for your ongoing partnership.  Please reach out immediately to your campus administration, Alvin ISD administration, or the Alvin ISD Police Department any time you have concerns regarding the safety of our students and staff.  Parents gain unique insight when speaking with their children and we ask that you share any concerns that may arise.  We also ask that you speak with your children about immediately reporting any safety concerns they have regarding campus safety. 


    Additionally, please speak with your children about the significance of making threatening remarks in the school environment.  Often times, children and young adolescents don’t understand the implications of these remarks.  They will frequently respond that they were joking or that they were not serious; however, Alvin ISD does not have the luxury of taking these matters lightly, and we will continue to be swift and thorough in our response.  


    Thank you for your continued partnership.  Working together, we will continue to provide our students with a safe, secure, and engaging learning environment.


    Daniel Combs
    Professional Learning and Student & Community Engagement
    Alvin Independent School District