Wilder Elementary Students Sell Lemonade to Raise Money for Texas Children's Hospital



Four Wilder Elementary students decided to help those in need by raising money for Texas Children's Hospital. Luke Miller, Zyra Bhatka, and Ali and Ana Lipari came up with the idea to have a lemonade stand in their front yard.

This started two years ago when Luke’s mother worked at Texas Children’s Hospital. Luke wanted to raise money to support the hospital so he made and sold blankets for $10. He raised around $300 and donated it all to the hospital. Luke decided he wanted to do it again. He started talking to his friend, Ali, and she thought of the idea of doing a lemonade stand. Together they recruited their team and coordinated their efforts.

The group planned together for a couple of days. Luke made brownies and donated grapes, while Ali and Ana made cookies and brownies. Zyra made the signs. Then, they made the lemonade and set to work on social media. Their parents advertised on the Shadow Creek Facebook pages and the students used the signs to generate visitors to their stand. They sold the baked goods and lemonade for $1.00 apiece.

The students raised $258 in one day over the Labor Day weekend and took the money to Texas Children's Hospital. The administrators at Texas Children’s Hospital were so excited about their good deed. A special ceremony was held a few weeks later and the hospital created a large check for the students to offer the hospital. Luke, Zyra and Ali are excited to come up with more fundraising ideas to give back to the community.