36 Outstanding Alvin ISD Staff Members Receive Prestigious Alvin ISD Believes Award

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During the week of October 7, 2019, Alvin ISD administrators and Board Members set out across the District to surprise 36 district employees with the Alvin ISD Believes Award. This prestigious award is a district-wide initiative and is implemented each nine weeks.


The Alvin ISD Believes Award is given to outstanding individuals who embody every component of our district vision and beliefs of:


  • We believe students achieve their maximum potential when provided engaging learning opportunities.
  • We believe parents expect excellence in educational experiences that will make each child's goals become achievable.
  • We believe teachers create a safe and engaging learning environment that fosters the success of each student.
  • We believe campus leaders establish a climate where everyone matters by creating a culture of pride and ownership in their schools.
  • We believe the central office provides the foundation to equip staff with resources in a supportive environment so that each student has the opportunity to thrive.
  • We believe the Board of Trustees engages the community to create an environment where excellence is prioritized to ensure each student reaches his or her maximum potential.


This is always an exciting day full of emotion when we present these wonderful educators with the well-deserved recognition. 


The October 2019 Alvin ISD Believes Award recipients are:


Fernando Tamez – Maintenance

Sarah Robicheaux – Meridiana Elementary

Miranda Freitag – Meridiana Elementary

Josefina Saldivar – Meridiana Elementary

Kelley Smith – Rodeo Palms JH

Javier Mendoza – Jeter Elementary

Itziar Iriberri – Jeter Elementary

Brandi Russell – Jeter Elementary

Jennifer Matute – Jeter Elementary

Kim Masi – Jeter Elementary

Mayra Martinez – Jeter Elementary

Kay Ali – Manvel HS

Crystal Tate – Manvel HS

Ashley Thomas – Shadow Creek HS

Sheri Dominique – Brothers Elementary

Alexandria Gonzales – McNair JH

Henry Morgan – McNair JH

Fulvia Shaw – Duke Elementary

Diego Olivarez – Police

Deana Remington – Passmore Elementary

Esther McCool – Passmore Elementary

Janie Rodriguez – Alvin Elementary

Delma Recendez – Alvin Elementary

Michele MacQueen – Alvin Elementary

Sandy Holdsclaw – Nelson Elementary

Heather Benbrook – Nelson Elementary

Marie Womack – Stevenson Primary

Kim Graham – Stevenson Primary

Julie Welch – Stevenson Primary

Jerri McGhee – Mark Twain Elementary

Henry Doughty – Bus Driver

Michelle McGowen – Federal & Special Programs

Kaitlin Aycock – Insurance

Beaute See – Technology Trainer

Ana Pasarella – Parent Engagement

Rachel Moore - Communications


Alvin ISD will open the next Believes Award nomination on October 28, 2019.


To read about each of the Alvin ISD Believes Award recipients, click here: http://www.alvinisd.net/AlvinISDBelieves