Meridiana Elementary Classrooms get "Book'd"


Meridiana Elementary began the school year with a way to introduce new books to the community and build their library collection. Based on an idea shared by Sharon McClintock Miller on her blog The Library Voice,* classrooms are “book’d” with a canvas bag containing a new book to share with their students. Teachers read the book and lead a discussion/activity with their students. After finishing the book, the teacher then “books” another classroom so they too can enjoy the book. For the program, books were chosen that appeal to two different classroom room grade ranges, PK through 1st and 2nd through 5th. Six different books were chosen for each grade range to be shared. Once the classrooms have read and enjoyed the books, the titles will be added to the Meridiana Elementary library collection so that both present and future students can enjoy them. It’s a great day when you come to your classroom door and see that “You’ve Been Book’d.”