Alvin ISD Updates Dress Code for 2019-2020 School Year



The 2019-20 school year will bring with it an updated dress code for Alvin ISD.

Beginning in January, an Alvin ISD Dress and Grooming Advisory Committee met to review the current Alvin ISD dress code and to provide possible recommendations to be included in next year’s student handbook.

The committee met three times throughout March and April and all meetings were open to the public. During the meetings, the committee researched the dress codes of nearby school districts, as well as those used in various area businesses. The group worked together on consensus items to recommend for the District’s future guidelines.

The Committee was comprised of 51 committee members including parents, community members, staff, and, of course, students.

When asked about facilitating the dress code committee involving students, Alvin ISD District administrator Don Rabalais shared, “The secondary students who participated on the Dress and Grooming Advisory Committee were excellent examples of collegial cooperation. They had great attendance at evening meetings, even juggling their after-school responsibilities and overcoming transportation issues.  Their input was invaluable and their comments were cause for reflection by the other committee members.  We were all very proud to have worked with them.”

When speaking about the work of the committee, Rabalais added, “The committee discussed the intent of the dress code which has been to teach grooming and hygiene, instill discipline and modesty, prevent disruption, avoid safety hazards, and provide a successful learning environment. Appropriate dress and grooming standards promote responsibility and self-esteem, fostering a sense of community for students in their present and future interactions. After our series of meetings, the committee felt confident that they developed recommendations that serve the purpose of the dress and grooming guidelines while responding to the desire of our community.”

The dress code for the 2019-2020 school year and details can be found at