Alvin ISD Education Foundation Winners Wagon surprises teachers





The energy was contagious when the Alvin ISD Education Foundation Winners Wagon surprised 153 teachers on 26 different campuses in the middle of the school day to award the Foundation’s Innovative Teaching Grants. Students joined in the celebration as staff members at each campus received their giant checks.


A total of $83,148.95was awarded for grants to teachers and staff at Alvin Elementary, Alvin High School, Alvin Primary, Bill Hasse Elementary, Don Jeter Elementary, E. C. Mason Elementary, Fairview Jr. High, Glen York Elementary, Harby Jr. High, Hood-Case Elementary, Wilder Elementary, Manvel High School, Manvel Jr. High, Mark Twain Elementary, Passmore Elementary, Meridiana Elementary, Nolan Ryan Jr. High, Stevenson Primary, Dr. Red Duke Elementary, Rodeo Palms Jr. High, Dr. Ronald McNair Jr. High, Savannah Lakes Elementary, Shadow Creek High School, Shirley Brothers Elementary and Disney Elementary.  


Foundation board members, Alvin ISD officials, school board members, parents and community partners rode on school buses from school to school to surprise recipients and award the grants.  The Foundation was also assisted by Alvin High School, Manvel High School and Shadow Creek Ranch band students, cheerleaders and mascots.


“The students brought the spirit and the fun to the Winners Wagon and they let everyone know that something exciting was happening,” said Carol Nelson, the lone finalist for superintendent of schools.


“It is exciting to surprise these teachers and provide extra money to implement innovative ideas in their classrooms. It is due to the community support for the Alvin ISD Education Foundation Turtle Race that we are able to continue to award grants each year,” said Sheila Olson, Education Foundation executive director.


Staff members will use the grant money to implement various initiatives that support student achievement and success at their schools.


Grant recipients from Alvin Elementary include Angela Van Gilder, Adriana Sanchez, Amy Bolting and Kathryn Hebert.

Grant recipients from Alvin High School are Karin Stensrud, Donna Pauley, John Yokum and Jennifer Hammond.

Alvin Jr. had three recipients including Rebecca Jasinski, Sarah Barron and Ray Leal.

Seven staff members at Bill Hasse Elementary received grants including Cynthia Hilton, Rikki Lookingbill, Jennifer Zamora, Dawn Shaffer, Diama Conn, Natalie Barmettler and Lindsey Derbonne.   

Don Jeter Elementary grant recipients were Jessica Boswell, Carol Dingas, Jennifer Hanson, Jennifer LaCombe, Jamie Molis, Anisa Charles and Sarah Cantu.

EC. Mason Elementary recipients were Melinda Bouley, Karla James and Kelly Chatham.

The Winners Wagon surprised seven teachers with six grant awards at Fairview Jr. High. Barbara Trevino, Winnie Chau-Garcia, Jerri Jobe, LaToya Alexander, Krissy Smith-Haugh, Adrienne Thomas and Kelly Hayslett are the grant recipients.

The grant recipients at Glen York Elementary are Jennifer Stokes, Josie Royall, Gayelyn Stanley, and Jolanta Smolen Santana.

Harby Jr. High grant recipients are Ana Jacquez, William Murphy, Dr. Jerry Nelson, Cody Pancamo, Adam Peckover, Debbie Stranges, Melissa Watkins, William White and Irma Garcia.

Hood Case Elementary had eleven grants funded and the grant recipients are Crystal Pilcher, Amy Broussard, Katie Hernandez, Arely Medina, Lizeth Ramos, Alexia Solis, Sandy Webb, Rebecca Fitzhenry, Marcy Bangilan, Shelly Cundiff, Nicole Hilliard, Stephanie Magness, Erlinda Rosas and Deborah O’Sullivan. 

Ralph Presley III, Amanda Boyd and Pooja Shroff-Barr from Wilder Elementary received grants this year.

Amy Baud, Lisa Staup, Jennifer Smith, Scott Wilson, Alexis Fontenot, Julie Hernandez, Tamica Baldwin, Kristen Meyer and Pennie Yancey from Manvel High School also received grants.

Manvel Jr. High School staff members receiving grants are Dr. Eric Carr, Cathie Asbeck, Cynthia Duke and Britney Campbell.

From Mark Twain Elementary Joy Witt, Laura Langford, Holly Delatorre, Jeri McGhee, Jose Maldonado and Michele Sholders all received grants.

Melba Passmore Elementary grant recipient is Mary Shaw.

Miranda Freiteg and Christine Roberts from Meridiana Elementary both received grants.

Nolan Ryan Jr. High’s Rene Kidder, Felysha Tamez, Priscilla Roberts, Michele Ferguson, Melanie Gordon and Amosha Criswell received grants.

Three Stevenson Primary teachers received grants including Angela Guidry, Laura Dantzman and Chera Yancy.  

Emily Doucet from Dr. Red Duke Elementary also received a grant.

Three Rodeo Palms Jr. High teachers were surprised with giant checks including Rachel Kossar, Barbie Love and Chris Wells.

Dr. Ronald McNair Jr. High teachers receiving grants include Doris Perry, Danielle Cunningham, Kattie Comparetto, Kevin McRorey, Ali Gonzales, Lindsay Brown, Veronica Foreman and Katherine Caldwell.  

Savannah Lakes Elementary’s Sarah Landau and Carrie Pena received a grant.

From Shadow Creek High School Chrishele Baker, Amy Gardziel, Ashley Wilson, Vincincia Wright, Karen Brasher-Hinds, Jessica Shawver, Maria Turner, Ashley Dandridge, Mosisha Rosby, Nikolous Kinzie, Benjamin MacMillan, Dalan Tran, Monica Dean, Shannon Oliver and Tina Choudhury all received grants.

Shirley Brothers Elementary staff members received four grants this year including Tanya Davis, Kelly Russell, Michelle Eby and Sheri Dominique.

Finally, from Disney Elementary, Debbie Sauter, Jenna Erwin, Shelly Miller, Tayler Garcia, Jessica Agundez, LaShel Rowton, Debra Hoffman and Tracy Mathis received checks for their innovative teaching grants.


“We are so proud of all our grant recipients this year and can’t wait to see their grants in action,” said Amy Roudbari, president of the Alvin ISD Education Foundation Board of Directors.


This year the INEOS ICAN Foundation awarded the Foundation a grant for $7,300 that was designated for Innovative Teaching Grants that focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). This allowed nine additional grants to be funded and the Foundation appreciates this partnership.


For information on how you can support Alvin ISD students and staff through the Education Foundation, contact Sheila Olson or Melinda Purcell at 281-331-2586.