Pomona Elementary Principal receives prestigious Sue German Award for Excellence


Renae Rives, Principal of Pomona Elementary is a recipient of the Sue German Award for Excellence.


Each year, Abydos Learning International presents the award to educators who provide exceptional support and leadership in the area of writing. Through Abydos training, teachers become better writers so that they can become more skilled in teaching the skill of writing to students. Abydos considers the Sue German Award as the project’s highest acknowledgement. The award is named after Sue German, an outstanding Abydos trainer whose legacy continues through this award.


Ms. Rives received this award for her incredible visions, foresight, and depth of knowledge about learning and learners. Her campus adopted the Abydos integrated writing/grammar curriculum, and she has answered a myriad of questions from other administrators, and welcomed visitors to her school to see AbydosPRO in action.


“What an honor it is to be named a Sue German Award of Excellence recipient!  When I think about why I was chosen to receive such an incredible honor, I cannot help but think about our District's Core Value that states, ‘We believe students achieve their maximum potential when provided engaging learning opportunities.’  That is what we aim to do every day.  If we do what is best for our students and create a learning environment where students learn through exploration, then we are doing what is right by them.  After all, it is because of them and our wonderful staff that I received this award.  Without their hard work and dedication, this would not have happened.  I truly love what I do and focus on what is best for our students,” shared Rives.        


Rives received her award during a ceremony held this past weekend. This award was given to only four educators this year.