Guitar Club debuts at Fairview Jr. High



The sound of strings cut through the air, as students from Fairview Junior High School meet up on a Friday afternoon after school. It’s all part the Guitar Club, which started in August of 2018.


Sixth grader Drew Bingham says, “It's pretty fun, once you get to actually learn the songs. It’s kind of frustrating when you don’t get it at first, but if you keep doing it, you’ll get it.”


Ruben Gutierrez, another sixth grader adds, “You learn new stuff and you practice and you get better at the guitar.”


Their sixth-grade classmate Michelle says, “I feel like I am doing pretty well, even for a beginner who’s learning the basics of a guitar and having small hands which is issue as well, but I feel I’ve learned quite a bit over time. I feel like I’m learning every week a lot more.”


Greg Bingham, the principal at Fairview, also happens to be the instructor for the guitar club. As he imparts the wisdom of scales and notes, his students get to see a whole new side to him.


Michael, an eight-grader in the club, says, “It’s nice seeing him reach out and teach us how to play guitar. You don't see most principals do that."  


Ruben adds, “It’s pretty cool that my principal knows the guitar and that he’s teaching me some things about the guitar.”


They may be small in number, with only four students meeting up this March afternoon, but the chance to grow is what this club is all about.


“Being in guitar club is very fun and I really encourage other students to join because you can learn a lot of things with just six strings attached to a guitar. I think if you learn how to play the guitar, you'll get more encouraged to play other instruments.” Michelle said.


Ruben summarizes what’s best about the club, “Even if you mess up, it’s okay because we’re just practicing and we’re learning new stuff about the guitar.”