Alvin High School Art Teacher and student create beautiful ornament for the State House of Representative Christmas Tree

ornament  thompson


When State Representative Ed Thompson of District 29 chose Alvin ISD to create an ornament to hang on the Christmas Tree in the State House of Representatives, Alvin High School teacher, Paige Moore was chosen to design it. Moore, along with her co-artist, Alvin HS sophomore, Lorin Stansel, created a beautiful piece that features flora and fauna of Brazoria County.


“Lorin and I are both very interested in wildlife and nature as well as the importance of preserving both. We brainstormed all of the animals we associated with Alvin and Brazoria County, including agricultural animals, but decided that we were most interested in the wildlife, particularly the birds native to Alvin,” Moore said.


State Representatives can ask any artist or group of their choosing to create the ornament. This is the first time that Alvin High School has been asked to contribute.


"This was a really cool opportunity. Ms. Moore showed me a picture of the Christmas tree and I thought it was interesting.  I was a little nervous but I feel very good about what we accomplished," said Alvin HS Sophomore and co-designer, Lorin Stansel.


After the holiday season, the piece will be given back to Alvin ISD and included in the Alvin ISD Education Foundation’s gala auction.