Exploring the many flavors of books!

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Meridiana Elementary third graders had the opportunity to sample various book genres at our 3rd annual book tasting event. Rotating through interactive stations, students sampled books from genres such as fantasy, realistic fiction, historical fiction, folklore, poetry and informational text formats. Work station activities allowed students to scan the books and write a brief impression about the genre samples. Each sampling station featured placemats that reminded students that “Reading is food for the brain.”
The event was organized by third grade teacher Hailey Provenzano who learned of the idea from Instagram. Ms. Provenzano stated that “the event allows students to discover a type of book that they enjoy reading and helps to launch them into their upcoming genre study.”
For the students, the interactive nature of the reading activity was simply engaging and fun. When asking students which genre was their favorite, comments included “Fantasy – I like that they travel through time.” and “Informational text – I like facts about animals.” Clearly, the activity opened students’ eyes to the wide variety of books available in the library, allowing them to find the pathway to true reading enjoyment.