...get letters of recommendation?

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Letters of recommendation are used to supplement an application to college, an internship, a summer program or even a job application. These letters should be written by adults who know you, your strengths (and weaknesses) and can help school or office personnel get to know what makes you a good fit for their program. The spring of your Junior year is the time to start thinking about who you will ask to write a letter on your behalf for college applications: a coach, respected teacher, community professional? The possiblities are endless!


Click on the Junior tab to the left to find a Senior Profile Form that will help you organize your thoughts and highlight your greatest accomplishments. Save it to your computer and start filling it out now (typed!) so it's ready to hand over to your chosen recommenders at the end of the school year. (That way they'll have plenty of time to write a glowing review of YOU over the summer!)