...register for summer school?

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DUAL CREDIT: Registration opens in March! Come into the Counselors' Suite to see Mrs. Harrison. She can help you decide what classes will be best to take during the summer. {Remember, you must have taken the TSI in order to register for Dual Credit classes. Make sure to get that done during the fall so you're ready to register!}


INITIAL CREDIT: If you would like to take a class during the summer for the FIRST TIME (you have not taken the class before), the cost is $150 per semester. {For example, to complete a 1.0 credit class, the cost is $300.} Registration forms will be available in the Counselors' Suite April/May. Be sure to pick one up if you're hoping to get ahead in credits!


CREDIT RECOVERY: If you have failed a class in the past (or you think you might fail a class this semester), you may need to recover that credit in order to graduate. Summer school registration begins April/May. Come by the Counselors' Suite to let us know you're ready to get back on track. We will walk you through the process from there. Hope to see you soon!