Marek Elementary students organize recital to raise money for charity


Sandhya and Tanya Mahesh with Elizabeth, Bob and Paul Wylie 
On April 30, 2016, two sisters, Sandhya Mahesh, age 11, and Tanya Mahesh, age 9, raised over $2,300 for, a charity providing on-ice experiences for individuals with disabilities. The sisters, both students at Mary Marek Elementary, organized a small piano recital at home to raise money for their favorite charity.

“This is the 2nd year they have organized this recital,” said the girls’ mother, Anu Mahesh. “This year, we had two of their friends as well as two professional musicians, Lucina Reyes and Natalie Linaris volunteer their time to play for 30 minutes,” Mahesh added.

The evening was attended by Paul Wylie, a 1992 Olympic Silver Medalist in ice skating, Elizabeth and Bob Wylie, founders of SkateTherapy, the girls’ piano teacher, Ms. Virginia Nance, and numerous friends, neighbors, and well-wishers. The hour-long program was very well received by everyone.

“We spent many, many hours working on this fundraiser. We designed the invite, walked door to door to invite neighbors and friends from school, spent hours practicing our program, learned to set up an online account for accepting donations and even publicized the event on Facebook,” Sandhya Mahesh said.

“I just want to thank all of the educators at Marek Elementary and Alvin ISD. Considering how much time they spend at school, you all have a great influence over these impressionable young minds. Thank you for channeling them in the right direction, teaching them values and building their character. Education is as much about learning as it is about using what they’ve learned to do good for society,” said Anu Mahesh.