• follett shelf
    iPad, Android Tablet, Smartphones
     Online & Offline Reading
    1. Go to the App Store/Google Play and download "Follett Brytewave K-12"
    2. Choose Stage, then campus
    3. Log in:
    User ID: AISD network ID 
    Password: AISD network password
    4. Browse and check out desired book.

    5. To download, just choose Download

    Contact Librarian at AHS if any problems:  E-mail

     Kindle, Nook
    1. Make sure you have internet signal.
    2. In browser address bar, type:
    3. Choose Stage, then campus.
    4. Click on Log in at top right.
       User ID: AISD network ID
       PW: AISD network Password
    5. Search and choose title.
    6. Tap book title twice to open. Tap to checkout or close option window to read.
    7. Turn pages by tapping on right or left of device screen.