• Manvel High School Counseling Team

MHS Counseling Team Mission Statement

  • The mission of the MHS Counseling Team is to empower the students of Manvel High School to identify and achieve academic, career, and personal/social goals through a student-assisted approach as endorsed by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA)



    • To help students understand themselves as learners and encourage the development of skills that enables them to reach their academic potential
    • To identify factors that impact learning and determine a course of action to provide appropriate support


    • To help students choose and advance in a program that will enable them to reach their future academic and career goals
    • To provide students with the opportunity to assess personal interests and aptitudes in relation to career interest


    • To assist students in developing resiliency and effective coping skills
    • To assist students to develop appropriate problem-solving and decision making skills to resolve conflicts and to accept responsibility for their choices



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