Wilder Reading Programs by Tiffany Ermenc
  • To access 2X2 or Bluebonnet Quizzes:

    1. Sign up for the program on the library website, or by asking Mrs. Ermenc in the library. If you sign up on the website, please allow a few days to receive an email invitation, as they are processed manually.

    2. Log in to Google Classroom

      1. Use Clever login, or

      2. Go to Classroom.Google.com: Student email address (studendID#@students.alvinisd.net); password is first initial, last initial, 4-digit year of birth, 00 (EX: 123456@students.alvinisd.net; jd201500)

    3. Click on the appropriate class (2X2 Challenge or Bluebonnet Challenge)

    4. Click on “Classwork” at the top of the page

    5. Click on the book title for which you wish to take the quiz