•  center of ahs library

    Mary B. Stiles Library is named after the first librarian dedicated to
    serving the student body of Alvin High School. The library was dedicated
    in 1983 and has had many improvements through the years. One of the
    most important has been the upgrade of the book collection in the past
    several years. Not only has the book collection gone up in the number of
    volumes but in the average year of each book.

    Today, the library holds over 35,000 volumes with the average publishing date
    of the collection of 2001. The library serves over 2,000 students and
    over 200 faculty members.

    The district's goal is to make the Alvin High School library an exceptional
    library by the Library State Standards, therefore the work is not
    finished. The district and the library staff will continually work to
    make the AHS library one of the best in the region by the service and
    commitment to excellence.