• Lynette LeCompte  
    Welcome to the Art Room!
    Mary Lynette LeCompte
    Hasse Elementary Specials Class code for online learning
    in google classroom: 6bzmhly
    campus phone # 281-585-3397 Ext. 6476
    Conference Hours:  Room #617
    University Alma Mater: University of Houston Clear Lake

    About Me
    My name is Mary Lynette LeCompte and this is my 14th year to teach art at Hasse Elementary. I received my Visual Arts Degree at University of Houston at Clear Lake and my teaching certificate at Act Houston. I love art and  being able to share my gifts and love of art with my students. I love the Alvin Community and am an Alvinisd Alumni and a second generation Alvinite. I care about our community and wish to see our students be successful so they may grow up to become successful leaders. My favorite activitites are making art, of course, like drawing, painting, and weaving. I love spending time with my family especially my grandbabies. I also have a precious pouch named Pebbles that definetly is classeified as a lap dog. My motto for this is whether we are together or apart we can create art with out heart. I hope to share some new technology I have learned this year with my students that will help us learn about art and then dive into some techniques for creating art with various media we have available this year. This year will be challenging as we ride the waves of change with our covid rules and many things will be different but I am confident that it will be exciting and fun.  We will also emphasize our core values at Hasse Elementary which are-- Leadership, Example, Attitude and Pride in our selves, our shcool and our community. I am looking forward to a great year and hope we all LEAP into an art year of amazing art and fun.