• Welcome to Iowa Colony High School! 

    Established: August 2022

    School Colors: Dark green, black, & silver

    Mascot: Blaze the Ox

    Mission: Iowa Colony HS will ignite a culture of excellence that inspires learning, emapthy, and passion in our Pioneer family. 

  • At Iowa Colony High School, we honor and respect the spirit of the Pioneer. The star in our logo represents our diverse students and staff members, who come to us from all walks of life with many different beliefs and backgrounds. Just as the star on the Texas flag represents each Texan, regardless of their differences, so does our star also represent each of us.



    Blaze the Ox is our mascot, and he represents the strength and unity of our student body. Oxen worked in teams to blaze the trail across uncharted territories. Their steadfast dedication to the work at hand allowed entire communities to grow, and it was only through teamwork that this happened. Blaze embodies these traits we value in our Pioneer family. 

Alma Mater
Fight Song
Core Values