Coach Garza (7th and 8th grade teacher)

  • I am starting my 6th year teaching. I went to Harby Junior High, Alvin High School, Alvin Community College and graduated from University of Houston Clear Lake. I am going to be 31 this year and coaching 8th grade football, basketball and soccer. I like to work out, play video games, watch youtube and other streaming services like netflix, hbo max, hulu and crunchroll. I look forward to another amazing year at Caffey Junior High with ya'll.

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  • Conference time: 6th period ( 2:29 - 3:17 PM)


    Phone number: (713) 814 - 7400

    Room: B214

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  • Google Classroom Period Links: I will be sending out invites

    1st period (Math 7th grade) code: mnthppa

    2nd period (Math 7th grade) code: h7vvnv2

    3rd period (Math 8th grade) code: 5j6xox6

    4th period (Math 8th grade) code: kiqh236

    5th period (Math 8th grade) code: r5hkvys


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  • Tutorial Times: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings 8 - 8:30 PM

    Materials needed: Pencil, Journal and folder. Calculators will be provided for 8th graders.

    What we are learning this week:

    7th grade: Volume of cylinders

    8th grade: Similar Figures