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    TO COACH OWENS 6th, 7th & 8th grade MATH ENRICHMENT CLASS. I graduated from Sam Houston State University. I earned a BS in Elementary Education/ Physical Education and a minor in English. Later, I attended U of H at Clear Lake and earned a Special Education Degree.  I was blessed to receive athletic scholarships in different sports such as softball, basketball and track & field. I have a daughter name Chloee Holden who attends Southeastern Louisiana University (SELU) in Hammond, Louisiana on a volleyball scholarship"GO LIONS!!" In the classroom, my goal is to meet the needs of all my students so they can be successful in class. The students will learn different ways to attack problem-solving equations and be able to apply different strategies to help them understand these equations. The students will be responsible for homework(Astros), class assignments and math projects. I'm looking forward to teaching the students about how math is used in our everyday life and how it can be FUN!! If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call me at 281-245-3100 or contact me at the above email.


     Thank you for your Time, Coach Owens




                   Room B214

          Conference Hour- 2:13- 3:07pm

                      Remind 101 Coming Soon

          Tutorials-Tues-Thurs afternoon

           Sam Houston State University


    "EAT' EM UP KATS !!