Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Tran

Teacher: Ms. Y-vi Tran (she, her)

Course: Chemistry


Phone ext. 4364

Tutorials: Monday and Tuesday 2:55 - 3:40 pm (In person and virtual)

Class Schedule

1st Period 7:20 – 8:13: Chemistry
2nd Period 8:19 – 9:12: AP Physics 1
3rd Period 9:18 – 10:12: Chemistry
4th Period 10:18 – 11:12: Chemistry
5th Period 11:12 – 12:52: AP Physics 1
6th Period 12:58 – 1:51: AP Physics 1
7th Period 1:57 – 2:50: Conference

Google Classroom class codes

1st Period 7:20 – 8:13: Chemistry -
2nd Period 8:19 – 9:12: AP Physics 1 -
3rd Period 9:18 – 10:12: Chemistry -
4th Period 10:18 – 11:12: Chemistry -
5th Period 11:12 – 12:52: AP Physics 1 -
6th Period 12:58 – 1:51: AP Physics 1 -

Hello! My name is Y-vi Tran and I am grateful to be your student's teacher this year. It brings me great joy to be starting the school year with tremendous support from fellow staff and the administration. I hope to make great connections with all my students and their parents/guardians. 



Professional Background

I graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry/Biophysics. Concurrent to my years in college, I completed the STEM teaching program teachHouston, which allowed me to gain my teaching certification in Composite Science grades 7-12 upon graduation from the University of Houston. 

Subjects taught: 


AP Physics 1: Mechanics (Algebra-based)

AP Physics 1: Mechanics (Calculus-based)


Personal Background

Born and raised: South Houston Area

High School: Dickinson High School

Hobbies: Hip hop dancing, sewing, listening to audiobooks, rollerskating, skateboarding

Furbabies: Two tabby cats with various gray designs (2 and 11 years old), One Chihuahua mix (11 years old)


Contact information

I am available for communication during school hours. Please allow for 24 hours to receive a reply on emails.


Manvel High School Phone (Call): (281) 245-2232 (Ask to speak with Y-vi Tran)

Google Voice Phone (Call/Text): ‪(832) 736-4610‬


***The Manvel high school phone number and the Google Voice phone number will be used to contact parents. If the parent/guardian prefers to text, then the Google Voice number will be used for texts. Text messages from Ms. Y-vi Tran that come from any number besides the Google Voice phone number, ‪(832) 736-4610‬, should be disregarded.



There will be in-person and virtual tutorials on Mondays and Tuesday from 2:55-3:40pm. I will be running the Google meet while I am allowing students to enter my room for tutorials. Please take advantage of this time to get personalized assistance or answer any lingering questions that may not have been answered during class. Students are expected to be productive during tutorials. Those who stay unproductive or distract others from being productive will be asked to leave. Note: It is best to come early to tutorials! Sometimes my tutorials gets overfilled with students.

Let's have a great year!