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Degrees and Certifications:

ACC stick Welding certification NCCER certification (VT) Level 2R Certification To certify students

Mr. James Noyola

I decided to work for JBH because I enjoy working and teaching the students skills of welding.  I can also give back to the community by shaping tomorrow's workforce leaders . I have 10 + years of welding experience.  


Shop Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)
Basic clothing for welders should offer protection from sparks, heat, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation from electric arcs.  Shirts should be made of a tight weave fabric (100% cotton works well) and have long sleeves, pocket flaps, with a collar.  Pants must not have cuffs, holes or frayed edges and should fit so they hang straight down the leg, touching the shoe tops without a crease. (Heavy blue jeans such as wranglers or rustlers, etc. no dress jeans) Never wear polyester or other synthetic fibers.  High top (6" high) leather safety shoes or boots are required. There is a $43 lab fee. Pay with MySchoolbucks
To prepare students to enter the work force or post-secondary academics.  The students will develop team building, personal skills and traits. They will learn about the welding processes (SMAW,GTAW,GMAW & FCAW) and cutting torch applications.



1/2 Welding II - Syllabus

4/5 Welding II - Syllabus

6/7 Welding II - Syllabus

3rd Period Conference 9:15 a.m. - 10: a.m.



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