• Vision Statement: 

    Rodeo Palms Junior High is a dynamic learning organization committed to empowering each student to become a lover of learning, seeker of knowledge, and a responsible and engaged citizen in a global community.


    Mission Statement:

    Our school strives to be a racially, culturally, and economically diverse community of students, parents and staff dedicated to building positive and appropriate relationships,  achieving academic excellence, developing good character, and showcasing greatness.


    Core Beliefs: 

    We believe Campus Leaders create a culture of support, trust, professional and personal growth.


    We believe Students are welcomed to school in a physically, emotionally safe environment. 


    We believe all Students will have the opportunity to learn when teachers are prepared, and provide engaging work for students. 


    We believe Parents are welcomed, involved and informed participants in their child’s success. 


    We believe the Community cares about our successes and failures and is a vital resource to our campus culture. 


    We believe all Teachers foster and cultivate appropriate and meaningful relationships leading to student growth. 


    We believe the Central Office provides the foundation to equip staff with resources in a supportive environment so that each student has the opportunity to thrive.


    We believe the Board of Trustees engages the community to create an environment where excellence is prioritized to ensure each student reaches his/her maximum potential.