Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's in Chemistry - Texas A&M University

Coach Brandon Jakes

What's going on Maverick Nation! 

I am Coach Jakes and I'm excited to serve on our campus as an On Level/APA Chemistry teacher and the JV Boys' Basketball coach.  I am entering my 12th year in education and have experience teaching IPC, Environmental Systems, Aquatic Science, On Level Chemistry, Pre-AP Chemistry and AP Chemistry.  My goal is that each one of my students feels safe and secure in class while learning about themselves as they investigate the molecular happenings of our world.  It will be a fun and engaging course where my students will be able to work collabortively as they explore chemistry and employ critical thinking skills that will serve them beyond my classroom.  

Anything is possible if you have faith and it is my sincerest belief that this year will be a great school year!


Hoka Hey!

Coach Jakes