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    ASSETS Family,

    We are excited to start the 19-20 school year at our original location at 605 W. House Street in Alvin!  

    At ASSETS, we believe every student can rise and soar in the right environment and with the right support. Our mascot is the legendary Phoenix known for rising from the ashes. Our mantra is “Burn Blue!” because the bluest part of the flame is the most active and intense. Our goal is to ignite this flame in our students.

    We believe that our partnership with our parents and our community is crucially important and is the fuel to our flame. At ASSETS, students research and choose their college, career, or military path early. Our team will work with our families and our community to support them so their steps after high school are already paved before they walk across the stage and fly.

    We are committed to engaging students with relationships and boundaries based on respect and integrity, equipping them with academic knowledge and employability skills, and empowering them with the confidence and planning skills for a successful life. 

    I wanted to share a policy and procedure update with you.

    Cell Phone Use Policy- “Not seen. Not heard. Not taken.”

     In an effort to increase student academic engagement, improve student achievement, decrease negative social/emotional concerns among students, as well as decrease school safety concerns that result from cell phone use, ASSETS Academy will adhere to and fully enforce the Alvin ISD Cell Phone Policy as stated in the AISD student handbook:

    For safety purposes, the district permits students to possess personal mobile telephones; however, these devices must remain turned off during the instructional day, including during all testing, unless they are being used for approved instructional purposes. (page 55)

    We understand that students have cell phones and smartwatches for safety reasons as many of our students are involved in extra-curricular activities, drive, or have jobs.  It is for this reason we are not “banning” cell phones/smartwatches from the campus.  However, students will not be permitted to use them or have them out beginning at 7:00 am and ending at 2:50 pm. We are fortunate at ASSETS to have a 1:1 ratio of computer devices/students so students do not need their cellphone for daily lessons. If a teacher prepares a lesson specifically for use with a cell phone, the teacher will direct them to use them only during that instructional period. 

    Students who bring a cell phone or electronic device, including wireless earbuds and smartwatches, to school will be required to have it turned off and stored in a backpack or purse prior to entering the school building. Upon completion of the school day and final bell, students may resume normal device activity and or usage. 


    Thus, to keep the focus on academics, promote social-emotional learning, and reduce unnecessary distractions, ASSETS enforces the following when pertaining to cellphones and other electronic device usages:

    • Teachers will communicate clear expectations regarding usage and it must be aligned to an instructional activity and be approved by the principal.
    • The use of cellphones to take pictures and/or videos in the classrooms will only be allowed under teacher supervision. Students who use electronic devices for other purposes or without permission will be disciplined according to the Student Code of Conduct.
    • Earbuds and other listening devices are only to be used in an Edgenuity class under the direction of the teacher.
    • Students bring personal electronic devices at their own risk, considering possible issues such as theft, misuse, and damage.
    • If a student needs to make an emergency call during the day, they are to come to the front office.
    • If a parent needs to communicate an urgent message with their student, they are to call the school and the message will be sent to their child.

    If a student is in violation of the policy, their cell phone will be confiscated and turned into campus administrator. The device may be picked up by a parent or guardian at the end of the instructional day upon payment of a $15 fee. (per Alvin ISD Student Handbook)


    We appreciate your understanding of, and cooperation with these adjustments to our policies and ask that you discuss this policy as well as the expectations of “Not Seen, Not Heard, Not Taken” with your child before school starts.    


    I am truly honored to serve the students, parents, and community as the principal of ASSETS Academy. Please visit our website often for updates and announcements. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. My email is bjohanson@alvinisd.net and you can reach me at 281-331-1690.



    Brandy Johanson


    ASSETS Academy