Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Byran Richmond


Welcome back Shark Nation! My name is Mr. Byran Richmond and this will be my 3rd year here at Shadow Creek High School. I am extremely grateful and excited to join the Shark Tank!


I have been teaching in Special Education for 14 years. I graduated from Humble High School 2004, then attended Sam Houston State University on football scholarship. In 2008, after college graduation, I found the way back to my home roots. I am a former football and basketball coach that spent my first 8 years at Humble High School, then my past 3 years at Pearland High School. 


This year I will be Resource Teacher for Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebraic Reasoning, and Co-Teaching Algebra 1. I love my career and the time invested our youth of our future. I believe all students can be reached, but first you have to develop some type of relationship. A great educator once told me, "There is more than one way to the cafeteria. Everyone needs to eat, and every kid needs to be reached no matter how you get there." I really look forward to collaborating with new faculty and teaching new students. 


This year will be full of accomplishments and lessons learned. If you have any questions or concerns i can be reached at