Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Charles Sauter


Welcome!  I am looking forward to teaching AP World History and AP US History this year.  I have twenty five years of teaching experience.  I received my BA from Kenyon College and earned my teaching certificate from the University of Houston.  I have taught almost every Social Studies subject offered in the state of Texas, but, no matter the subject, it is always my first priority to ensure that my students have a rewarding and enriching experience learning about the world and their place in the world.   Students come to class with a variety of interests and goals, so I strive to make the curriculum relevant to all while still maintaining a high level of rigor.

Please be advised:  AP World History and AP US History are both HIGHLY RIGOROUS courses.  Students will be exposed to an intense, reading-heavy, college-level curriculum.  They must dedicate many hours of study and preparation to do well in these classes.  Please look over the College Board Course Exam and Description pages (see links below).

Parents, please feel free to communicate through email at  


My schedule AND the Google classroom codes for each (you will need these for the first day of SCHOOL!):

Period One - AP World History: Modern  -  tn3sfzb

Period Two - AP World History:  Modern -  2ubyxum

Period Three - AP World History:  Modern  - sxki2zb

Period Five - AP World History:  Modern  -  tnvugwd

Period Six - AP United States History  -  syogui3

Period Seven - AP United States History  -  pijilaf

 Important Websites:

Link to Sauter's AP World google site (must be signed in with an AlvinISD google account)

Link to College Board's World History: Modern course description


Link to Sauter's APUSH google site (must be signed in with an AlvinISD google account)

Link to College Board's AP US History course description



My tutoring times are:

Tutoring will be provided through Google Meet, the code will be located in the class google site (see link above), Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 3:00-3:30pm.  I am available other times by appointment.


I am looking forward to a great year.  Thank you,

Charles Sauter, Room C307