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Good morning,


I hope this email find you, and your family safe, and healthy.  With all of the changes that are going on, I wanted to touch base, and let you know what my plans for my classes for the near future so that you can see what my expectations ore for your student, and also see what we are learning in the class.  We will be utilizing Google classroom for the remainder of the time we are away from school, and your student has already been invited to join his or her class.

We are going to focus on graphing, and work with linear equations for most of the rest of the year.  Depending on how this goes, and how well your students pick up on the information in the manner it will be presented, I will try to get into two, and three dimensional shapes at the end of the year.  Please know that I will be monitoring everyone’s progress, and this plan will be very fluid to adjust to any changes that need to be made as we embark on this new way of teaching.

Each week, I will use IXL to access how well your child is doing.  This website allows me to assign specific topics, and has examples problems to help if there are any questions.  I will assign sections on Monday morning, and they will be due the following Monday morning.  This program is great because if your child is struggling with a particular concept, the program will lower the level that it is being taught to help make your child successful.  In order to mast each section, IXL wants them to score at 80% mastery.  For some kids it will take 5 problems, and for some it may take 20.  It is the best program I know of that gives immediate feedback, also gives example problems worked out of each problem.  IXL will be how I determine your child’s grade.

On Monday and Wednesday mornings, I will post the first video/s of the lesson that I will be teaching for that day.  I plan to do a 10-15 minute video of instruction, working example problems, vocabulary, and review previously presented information.  I will post a set of guided notes (fill in the blank) that will go along with the video, to give your student more of a reason to follow along.  I will also provide a copy of the notes already filled in so that your students can see what should be in the spaces, as well as, make sure they are getting the concepts that I am presenting.  Finally, I will post a worksheet for your students to attempt, and practice the problems and concepts that are being presented.

On Tuesday and Thursday morning, I will post the answers to the worksheet from Monday or Wednesday for your child to check, and see what they got right, and what they missed.  I will be available to answer questions from 11:00am-12:00pm on google classroom.  Your student is able to email me through this site, and I will be by my computer during this time.  I can answer questions at any time during the week, but I will be by my computer specifically at this time.

On Fridays, I will present the final video of the week of the week, and much like Monday and Wednesday there will be guided notes.  I will not post practice worksheets on Friday because the IXL will be due on Monday and that will be the way I see if they are understanding the concepts.


Please understand that this is a very fluid plan, and I will make changes as I see they need to be done.  If there are any problems, or questions you have, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you for your time, and your patience,