Ray Andrus (Mr. A)



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Ray Andrus (Mr. A)

Hello students! / ‎¡Hola estudiantes! 

I will be posting all assignments into Google Classroom. Please make sure you have it on your computer or phone. You will also need Flipgrid and Duolingo. 

Email me for any questions or concerns; I will reply as soon as possible (ASAP). 


Email: randrus@alvinisd.net


Google Classroom Codes:

ESOL 1: tgvvksy

Language Development: 2lz5gxw

ESOL 2: 5gwcflz

Reading: 6henvgt

Practical Writing: bmv7deo


Google Hangout Tutorials:

Monday - Thursday: 2:00-2:30pm

de lunes a jueves:  2:00-2:30pm

‪+1 786-886-2689‬ PIN: ‪726 581 659‬#