• The Credit Recovery classes at ASSETS Academy offer more than just courses designed to help students recover credits lost due to circumstances such as not passing a course or excessive absences. With the help of the Edgenuity online program, students explore multiple topics through an array of courses. In addition to earning required credits needed for graduation, students also have a chance to get ahead in their curriculum, which will allow them to graduate early or, perhaps, gain at least one “off” period during their senior year of high school. Regardless of why students are enrolled, different reward systems have been implemented to nurture their inner desire to succeed and encourage their display of employability skills.



    Whether a treat bag is handed out upon completion of a course or a drawing for prizes is conducted based on students’ diligence, the goal is to motivate young learners to become self-driven and high achievers since these are qualities sought out by employers and are helpful if these learners decide to become self-employed. One incentive designed to engender collaboration among students in each class is one that rewards the class with the highest level of performance each week. This gives students a chance to work as a team to reach their goals, which is another talent that will prove beneficial upon entry into the workforce. Of course, along with rewards comes accountability.

    Each student is responsible for tracking his or her progress each day and week. This is done by recording start and stop progress each day and calculating the percent progress achieved. At the end of the week, a weekly total is then calculated. The purpose of this progress sheet is to emulate real-world performance tracking and shows students each day how close they are to achieving their weekly progress goal.

    My goal as the Credit Recovery teacher is to motivate, encourage, and help learners to overcome any challenge that could possibly impede their progress and path to success. Whether they are in my class to recover credits or are simply trying to get ahead, I want each of them to feel empowered to tackle any situation they face with a positive attitude and the confidence that they will succeed. This will aid them in their journey of life well beyond their high school years.