• Welcome to the French Class! Bienvenue à la classe de Français!

    School year: 2022-23 

    Monsieur Avram

    Email: aavram@alvinisd.net

    Campus phone # (281) 245-3800 Extension 6661

    Classroom # C-313

    Conference time: 1st Period

    Tutorials: Mondays and Thursdays from 2:50 pm to 3:35 pm

    Google Classroom: Most activities are also available on Google Classroom and all students have the possibility to turn in their work and assignments online, especially if they are absent or the teacher is absent. Google Classroom codes are made available by the teacher for each class period.

    Calendar: August 17-30, topic "Back to school", assignment/ homework due on Thursday August 25. All due dates, topics and assignments are available and regularly updated on Google Classroom.

    Digital textbook: Excerpts from the digital textbook are uploaded regularly on Google Classroom/ Textbook. The access codes and instructions on how to access the digital textbook are available on Google Classroom/ Resources.

    Announcements: Please read the teacher's email with instructions on how to join Google Classroom and all the materials that students need in the French Classroom.

    About me

    Experienced linguistics professional, fluent in five languages, with previous foreign language teaching of French and Italian at college level, high school level and international world languages centers (most recently at Clear Lake HS, University of Houston Clear Lake and Berlitz Language Center), native-fluent in French, certified for the highest level of French instruction (level C2/ 6 out of 6) by the National Education Agency of France, BS in business administration/French from A.S.E University Bucharest, with multiple pedagogical, linguistics and business certifications, I am dedicated to providing an outstanding foreign language learning experinece to students of all levels of French who are ready to explore the wonderful French world, its civilization and culture in an authentic context. I like to travel, and I love to be in nature and do outside activities (tennis, biking, fishing, swimming and walking).


    Period 1: Conference

    Period 2: Dual Credit classes

    Period 3: French 2 

    Period 4: French 1

    Period 5: French 1

    Period 6: Dual Credit classes

    Period 7: French 2


    2022-23 French Level 1 Syllabus

    2022-23 French Level 2 Syllabus

    2022-23 French Level 3 Syllabus

    A. Avram French Teacher