• Welcome to the World Famous Wide World of Art Learning Extravaganza! 

    Hosted by Mrs. Gonzalez 

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    Be prepared for the creative experience of a lifetime! It's not just a day of arts and crafts around here, it's an exploration into everything out of the ordinary. From crazy hair artists like Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, to the quaint and serene works of Mary Cassatt, you will be chomping at the bit when you learn that Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog is the most expensive sculpture ever sold by a living artist!


    But why you ask? Well, that is a great question! Step into our 'all things art' color factory and mixed-media laboratory as we travel the wide world of art. Get on the bus, the color wheels are moving fast, and you won't want to be left behind!




Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls
Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls
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