Degrees and Certifications:

Hannah Davis

Room: C222 


Phone: ext. 6630

Tutorials: Monday-Wednesday (3-3:30 PM). All other tutorials by appointment. 

Conferences: 3rd period by appointment only 

About Me: Recent University of Houston graduate that majored in Literature and the study of Education, now focusing on engaging students in the school system through developing a passion for reading and writing in English II. In addition, I work at the Houston Zoo as a part of the Camp Zoofari team, sharing my love/passion of animals with younger generations. A recent addition to my family are my two new kittens: Cheeto and Tofu! I will soon become Mrs. Vance, as I am set to wed in December of 2021. Welcome to Shadow Creek English II, fins up creek! 


Plagiarism and Honesty: As a Shadow Creek shark, there is an understanding of honesty surrounding school work that is submitted inside and outside of the classroom. It is the expectation of ALL students to submit work that is their own and showcases their knowledge. Therefore, students will be utilizing the website, which checks for plagiarisim across classes, as well as the internet itself. Please register at utilizing your AISD email, and the code for your class period below: 

TURNITIN INFO (Required for ALL students to utilize this free platform):




1st Period APA

Class ID: 30744069

Enrollment Key: ENGLISH1

2nd Period APA

Class ID: 30744113

Enrollment Key: ENGLISH2 

4th Period OL

Class ID: 30744181

Enrollment Key: ENGLISH4 

5th Period APA

Class ID: 30745113

Enrollment Key: ENGLISH5

6th Period APA

Class ID: 30745128
Enrollment Key: ENGLISH6

7th Period OL

Class ID: 30745149

Enrollment Key: ENGLISH7


Google Classroom Codes/Google Meet link (2021-2022 year):



1st Period APA: yxvyjwg

2nd Period APA: skuqwrn

4th Period OL: u2mklmp

5th Period APA: lvnv6rb

6th Period APA: 7slea4h

7th Period OL: 7ouqarp


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! I look forward to meeting you all! FINS UP!