Ms. Warren
      Mrs.Tina Royles
       Room F4
    Conference Time:
     12:40 - 1:30
    U of H Clearlake 1993
    Favorite Book - 
    Stephanie's Ponytail
     by Robert Munsch

    Hi!  My name is Tina Royles, and I am going to be your Kindergarten teacher!  This is my 26th year teaching, and my 21st year at Alvin Primary.  I love Kindergarten and all of the learning, exploring, and fun that it brings.

    You will find that my classroom is run a little bit differently because I give opportunities for your child to have choices of where and how they do their independent work in my classroom. Beanbags, mats for laying down, , lap desks, special seats , and even scoop chairs are all alternative choices your child will have when they are working. I will expect your child to complete their work, but will respect that all children’s needs and ways of thinking and learning are different.

         I graduated from University of Houston Clearlake.  I am certified to teach Pre-k-Eighth grade, ESL, and Gifted and Talented.  I love teaching and helping children discover the world.  Everyday is a new adventure in our class!

         I am a lifetime resident of Alvin.  I am married, and have three children. My older children are in college, and my youngest son attends Alvin High School.

         A few of my hobbies are traveling, running, biking, and reading.  This past summer I spent a lot of time reading, at the beach, in the swimming pool, exercising, riding my bicycle, and enjoying time with my family.

         I am excited to get to know all of you and start this new school year!