My name is Brian Parker aka "Coach B". I'm in my 4th year with Alvin ISD. I teach Physical Education. I coach football (8th), track & field, and soccer. I've also coached basketball as well as headed several 6th grade tourney's (basketball, 7-on-7 football). I attended the University of North Texas. I'm married to my amazing wife, Toryn. I look forward to teaching and coaching your son and/or daughter.


    Google PE Classroom Codes:  


    10 VA 1 = 5ee55fm

    2nd Period = 76dc7uj

    3rd Period = sgvu2nf

    4th Period = gelcvoe

    5th Period = kbkpffj


    Google Meet:


    10 VA 1 = 1 PE MEET LINK

    2nd Period = 2 PE MEET LINK

    3rd Period = 3 PE MEET LINK

    4th Period = 4 PE MEET LINK

    5th Period = 5 PE MEET LINK



    Email: bparker@alvinisd.net


    Phone: 346-347-4550


    HOOK'EM HORNS!!!!!




    1st Period - 8:40-9:34

    2nd Period - 9:40-11:25

    4th Period - 11:35-2:10 (B Lunch - 12:10-12:40)

    6th Period - 2:20-4:10


    1st Period - 8:40-9:28

    3rd Period - 9:40-11:25

    5th - 11:35-2:10 (A Lunch - 11:35-12:05)

    7th Period - 2:20 - 4:10



    7th-8th Grade In-Person (2nd, 3rd, 5th)

    7th-8th Grade Virtual (1st, 4th, 6th)

    6th Grade In-Person (2nd, 4th, 5th)

    6th Virtual (1st, 4th, 7th)

    Athletics 7th-8th In-Person (1st, 7th)

    Conference @ 6th 



    1. MASK: For your safety and the safety of others near you, keep your mask on at all times.

    2. SOCIAL DISTANCE: At the start of class, the student must ENTER from the NORTH entrance (marked with large "ENTER ONLY" sign) and then promptly place his or her backpack/personal belongings on the floor 6 ft. or more from the next bag and immediately STAND next to your bag. You will be directed to either sit in your floor seat or elsewhere. At the end of the class, the student must retrieve his or her backpack/personal belongings and EXIT from the SOUTH entrance (marked with a large "EXIT ONLY" sign).

    3. KEEP YOUR HANDS/BODY TO YOURSELF: You are to keep distanced at all times which means you are not to place your hands or any other part of your body (including fluids) on anyone in any way.

    4. BE SAFE: have control of your body and the equipment that you are using

    5. BE PREPARED: come to class on time and wear your tennis shoes

    6. PAY ATTENTION: listen to directions quietly and follow them the first time asked

    7. HAVE FUN: play fairly and be respectful to ALL of your classmates


    1. Student must have access to technology that allows for virtual learning.

    2. Student must complete all assignments by the assigned date.

    3. Student cannot, in any way, demean or harrass anyone while engaged with NRJH learning (Google Meet, chat, email, etc). 

    4. Student must be engaged in virtual learning every week of the academic calendar.

    5. Student is encouraged to ask the teacher questions at his or her leisure via email.  


    1st warning: Verbal Reminder/Redirect Student

    2nd warning: Take a Break (Stop and Think)

    3rd warning: Contact parent