• Site Coordinator: Aisha Williams

    Website: www.cistxjv.org

    Telephone Number: 281-245-3800 x 4240                  

    Room Number: E103

    Operation Hours: 7 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.


     I am pleased to invite your child to participate in our CIS program.  CIS is dedicated to meeting the needs of our children through a team of professionals working together to provide supportive guidance, health and human services, parental involvement, pre-employment, enrichment, and acadmics in a personal one-on-one relationship.  


    Communities In Schools (CIS) supports the students positive growth and achievement by addressing individual needs in a caring, personalized, holistic, and accountable manner. Participants in the CIS program will recieve services without discrimiation based on race, age, religion, national origin, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability, or gender. 


    During the school year, your child will participate in enrichment and academic activities. This may include individual tutoring, mentoring, peer mediation, homework groups, boys and girls groups, field trips, arts and crafts, and recreational activities.  CIS also provides supportive guidance that will allow the student to improve attendance, academic performance, and behavior. 


    We believe that your child will benefit from involvement in CIS.  All services are provided at NO COST to the children and their families who are enrolled in the CIS program. Feel free to call or contact me if you have any questions at atwilliams@alvinisd.net .


    Our Mission, Vision, Purpose, Passion = Student Success!