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    This Website is for both Harby and Fairview Dance Departments


    These courses are designed to provide students with the fundamentals of dance and allow for the growth of each dancer through the development of movement. This is achieved through the study of different styles of dance, terminology, history, choreography, and performance through written and physical participation. Students may receive Fine Arts, PE and/or elective credit. We hope is that each student will appreciate the art of dance and explore all of its qualities. This will happen within our atmosphere where students will learn, observe, create, perform and gain self confidence.


    Important Mandatory Performance Dates


    Dance Dimensions
    Thursday, November 15, 2018. (Students Arrive at 5:45pm, doors open at 6:00, and performance starts at 6:30). All Dance students are required to participate.
    Spring Show
    Friday and Saturday, April 12th and 13th  (Students arrive at 6:15, doors open at 6:30, and the performance starts at 7:00) All Dance students are required to participate.