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    Jessica Tompkins
    LK 129
    Tutorials: M-TH  3-3:30, and by appointment
    Stephen F. Austin State University

    Google Classroom Info: 
    Please know and be aware of google class codes because most information will be sent and received via Google class. The codes are as follows
    2nd Period English III- l6nfec2
    3rd Period English III- h4n4et4
    4th Period Yearbook- yuujrdv
    5th Period Yearbook- yuujrdv
    6th Period Journalism/newspaper: zcz47oq
    AVL Yearbook: ngqinu4
    AVL Newspaper/ Yearbook: vrfl3of
    About Me
    Welcome to journalism and publications!
     I have been teaching journalism in the district for the past 14 years, and this is my fourth year at AHS. I also coach academic journalism for UIL competitions.  I have a degree in journalism/ English from Stephen F. Austin State University, land of the Lumberjacks. Axe' Em Jacks! Last May, I graduated with a master's degree in educational leadership from SFA, as well. 
    I am a news junkie, and spend way too much time reading news from different media outlets around the world. I love to teach students to become better readers, writers, advertisers, designers, photographers and critical thinkers. In my free time, I take a lot of pictures and do freelance writing, and spend as much time as I can with my husband and two young daughters. 
    The best way to catch the newest information about assignments and grades, is to make sure students and parents are apart of the Google classrooms. The class codes are given in class and are also located on the syllabus sheets. Most assignments will be turned in this manner. Please reach out to me via email for questions and concerns. jtompkins@alvinisd.net 
    Google Class Links below: 
    English III
    AVL yearbook 
    AVL Newspaper
    AVL Journalism
    Class Schedule
    1st- Conference
    2nd- English III CM122
    3rd- English III  CM 122
    4th- Yearbook
    5th- Yearbook
    6th- Journalism/ Newspaper
    7th- publications supervisory 
    For more information about AHS publications please visit our news twitter and online paper: 
    Twitter: @AlvinHSNews
    Clarion News Online: jacketnews.com