Name: Amanda Tacquard


    Email: ATacquard@Alvinisd.net

    Campus Phone: 281-245-2232 EXT 4750

    Room #:  C124


    Class Schedule 

    1st period- Astronomy 

    2nd period- Astronomy

    3rd period- Astronomy 

    4th period- IPC

    5th period-Conference- email for scheduling

    6th period- Astronomy 

    7th period- Volleyball (gym)



    University Alma Mater- Concordia University Texas

    High School Alma Mater- Santa Fe High School



    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    6:55-7:15 am

    Wednesdays After School

    2:50- 4:00 pm




    About Me
    My name is Amanda Tacquard. I am from the Galveston County area of Santa Fe, Texas where I graduated high school from. I then attended Concordia University. I received both my Bachelors in Arts in Science Biology degree, and I also received my Master's in Education in Sports Administration. Science is my passion, and it is  my goal to instill that passion into the students that I work with. If you have any questions regarding my class, please do not hesitate to email me at ATacquard@AlvinISD.net  
    I teach IPC and Astronomy at Manvel High School, and I am looking forward to an amazing year!
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