Name :  Dr. Tina Choudhury
    Email  : tchoudhury@alvinisd.net
    Campus Phone # 281-245-3800
    Room # E221
    Conference Hours :4th Period
    Tutorials: Tuesday and Thursday (May subject to change)
                   Otherwise by appointment.
    Remind: Text @432hb4cf to 81010 to join our Remind group
    Google Classroom Codes: Students please join the google classroom using AlvinISD student account ( Essential for both virtual and F2F learning. )
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                   2nd Period    tepq5g4
                   3rd Period    ypwlqag
                   5th Period    nyoytmg
                   6th Period    abrisfj
                   7th Period    ho72xqk
    University Alma Mater: Osaka City University, Japan
                                      University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

    About me

    Welcome Sharks !!!
    My name is Tina Choudhury and I am going to teach Anatomy and Physiology at Shadow Creek High School and I cannot tell you how exicited I am! If you are planning to be in health care proffession or medical field this is the class where you will learn about what are the body systems and how they function. You are going to know how are the things when they are functioning normal to understand when something is wrong. Whatever the location you are learning from during this unconventional school year we will try our best!
    I was born in Bangladesh and graduated in Microbiology, then I went to Japan to do my PhD. After that I moved to Houston in 2007 to work as an Infectious Disease researcher at University of Texas Medical School. After a while I was back to teaching and here I am now sharing my love for knowledge. Being a teacher for several years I do believe that each and every student can learn and will learn.
    I have two wonderful kids and a scientist husband. We are members of the Shadow Creek Ranch Community and it is an honor to serve my neighbors.