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    Assistant Choir Director


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    About Mrs. Gray


    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at Harby! I am so excited to share my passion, time, and joy with you!

    This is my 3rd year at Harby; and I believe that this will be a truly amazing year! I grew up in Wimberley, Texas (South/West of Austin) and received my Bachelor's of Music in Music Therapy at Sam Houston State University (Eat 'em up Kats!). After spending 5 years accompanying high school and middle school choir in Willis, Texas, I decided that this was the life for me! I went back to get my teaching certification in Music and am ecstatic to be a teacher. I teach the choir men, and help teach the choir women. I am thrilled to be here and I cannot wait to share experiences and wonderful music with you!


    My husband and I have been married for 7 years and our first child just turned 1 year old this August! I apologize, but I talk about them a lot! They are the light of my life. We also have a zoo at my house with 2 dogs (Raynor & Cortana), 2 cats (Zeratul & Kerrigan), and 2 flying squirrels (Ori & Chief). As you can see by the names, my nerdy husband and I love video games! I also love Lord of the Rings, fun Netflix series', and curling up with a good book.

    I am ecstatic to have you join us this year and look forward to sharing our successes (and learning struggles) with you!


    My Favorite Things (besides Sound of Music):
    Color: Teal
    Movies: Frozen, Tangled, Underworld, Lord of the Rings
    Food: fries; All. The. Time
    Music: Pentatonix, Lindsey Stirling, Taylor Swift (guilty pleasure?)
    TV: Bones, Star Trek, Kitchen Nightmares, Nailed It (because that's what I look like while baking)
    Musicals: Sound of Music, The Greatest Showman, My Fair Lady
    Composer: Chopin, Beethoven, Brahms (because I'm a pianist at heart)
    Video Games: Legend of Zelda, Tomb Raider, Ori, Child of Light
    Hobbies: arts & crafts, sewing, reading, swimming

    Odd fun fact about me: I love the Texas Renaissance Festival and I dress up every time I go!




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