Name: Adam Peckover
    Email: apeckover@alvinisd.net
    Room #201
    University Alma Mater: Texas Tech University
    Class Schedule: 
    1st Period Athletics: 8:40 to 9:34 
    2nd Period Texas History: 9:38 to 10:30
    3rd Period Texas History: 10:34 to 11:26
    4th Period Texas History: 11:30 to 1:17
    5th Period Texas History: 1:21 to 2:13
    6th Conference Period: 2:17 to 3:09
    7th Period Texas History: 3:13 to 4:05

    About Me:  My name is Adam Peckover, I am a teacher and coach at Harby Junior High.  I have had the privelege of being apart of the alvin community for 2 years now. I coach football and basketball.  I graduated from Texas Tech with a major in history and a minor in education.  Originally I am from Austin, TX, which is where most of my family lives.  My goal here at Harby Junior high is to help each student be the best version of themselves that is possible.  I look forward to another fantastic year and if you have any questions feel free to email me.


    Go Hawks and Wreck em Tech!