Holly Casey (Delatorre)




    Campus Phone #281-585-5318


    Room #181


    Conference Hours 2:10-3:00 pm

    Wondering how your student earns their grade in Music??
    1. Music Grades are based on BEHAVIOR and PARTICIPATION! They are NOT based on how well your student can sing/dance/play.
    2. ALL students will receive a grade of "S" to begin. 
    3. If your student exceeds expectations, their grade will be raised to an "E".
    4. If your student chooses not to participate or behave correctly, I will send home a Behavior Note.
    5. Two Behavior Notes sent home will drop your child's grade down to an "N".
    6. Three+ notes OR an office referral will drop your child's grade down to a "U". This is a failing grade.

    About Me

    Hello!! I am Mrs. Casey, and WELCOME to my Music Class!!


    I am so excited to begin my fourth year at Mark Twain! This will be my fifth year teaching elementary music full time. I live in the Alvin area with my husband and three furbabies, Hannah, Russell and Jasmine.  I attended Louisiana State University for my Bachelor's of Music Education Degree and Texas Tech University for my Master's of Music Performance Degree. I have been a member of several professional orchestras, including the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra and Lubbock Ballet Orchestra.


    If you need to contact me, please either call the school or send me an email. (See contact information above.)