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    Mrs. Baker, M.Ed.
    First Grade Teacher
    Shirley Dill Brothers Elementary 
    Conference time:  9:55-10:45



    I am super excited to teach first grade at Brothers Elementary! This will be my twenty seventh year in education. I have a Principal Certification, Masters in Education Degree, Reading Certification, and an ESL Certification.  I have taught first grade, second grade, third grade, Physical Education (PK-5th), and I have served as a campus Reading Specialist. I am eager to begin another fantastic journey with Baker's Bunch of Smarties


    Mrs. Baker's Bunch of Favorite Things:

    Colors:  Black and Silver

    Restaurants:  Gringos, Wingstop, Chick Fil A 

    Food:  wings, guacamole and queso, enchiladas, a great salad

    Snacks: Heath Bars, Hersheys Cookies & Cream Bars, Cashew nuts

    Drink:  ICE water, Cherry Coke

    Stores:  Target, Amazon and Hobby Lobby

    Things I really like to do:  Crafting, Calligraphy and spending time with my hubby Dr. Baker and my Baker Pair (my 2 kiddos)

    Goal:  My goal is to become a published author of a children's book series.