Degrees and Certifications:


Regular Attendance Is Essential For Learning:

Regular attendance is critical to your child's education. Disruptions to your child's school attendance can have a significant impact on his or her academic performance. When a child is excessively absent, a parent-teacher conference will be held. If the problem continues, a parent-administrator conference will be scheduled. Excessive absences may result in an attendance hearing with a school administrator. If the attendance issues don't improve, a truancy order will be filed with the local court. Your child should attend school consistently and should be absent only for illness or emergencies. Please do not schedule extended family vacations during school time.


What To Do If Your Child Is Going To Be Absent:

Submit the Report an Absence Online form. This is the easiest and most efficient way to report your child's absence. This information is needed for our attendance reports. Let us know if your child has a contagious disease, confirmed by your child's physician, such as chicken pox, measles, mumps, or strep throat. We will watch for symptoms in other students and notify their parents when appropriate. Please provide the attendance clerk with a note from your physician indicating the diagnosis and release of your child to return to school. If your child did not see a medical professional, documentation regarding the reason for the absence will still be required. A maximum of five parent notes for absences will be accepted throughout the school year. Subsequent absences with a parent note will be reviewed by the designated campus administrator and may require a parent conference to clarify the reason for the continued absences


A child who was absent due to a fever must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school. If your child has been absent due to a lice outbreak, please have him/her meet with the nurse before returning to class. Please notify the school of any anticipated absence(s) due to out-of-town trips, family emergencies, or medical/dental appointments.


Students are required to be at school by 8:00am. At 8:01am, they are counted as tardy.
Partial-Day Absences:
Anytime a student arrives at 8:15am or later or leaves school before 3:15pm, it is counted as a partial-day absence. If the student has a doctor's appointment, a doctor's note needs to be sent to the school with the student when they return to school. Also, doctor's notes can be faxed to the school at 281-245-2411 (attention: Lori Lala).
Parent Excuse Notes:
A parent may send 5 excuse notes per school year. Each parent note is applicable for 3 consecutive school days. The note needs to have the student's name, the date of absence, the reason for the absence and the parent's signature. It is best to send these notes to the front office. Also, you may e-mail the excuse to the attendance clerk The e-mail will count as a parent excuse note. She will code the parent excuse notes after 10:00am each day. If you e-mail the teacher regarding an absence for your child, be sure to cc the attendance clerk. The notes need to be received within 3 school days of the absence.
Absence Coding Clarification:
When you look at your child's attendance record, you might see "Medical Absence".  This means that sometime during that school day the student went to the doctor/dentist.  The student is counted present for the day. We just have to code that the student was off campus for part of the day.
Also, you might see "YE". This means that the student left early to go to the doctor/dentist; but the office has received a written note from the parent. Also, this code is used if the nurse sends a student home after 10:00am. This is an excused absence.